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Many years ago her Grandmother’s tin full of marbles inspired Carol’s fascination with glass. The limitless possibilities with fused glass continue to fuel her passion for this very special medium. For Carol, fusing and slumping glass combines the joy of creating unique, intensely colorful glasswork with the very technical aspects of exposing glass to heat in order to transform several pieces of glass into a new form.

studio1Carol delights in reinterpreting the timeless patterns of traditional quilts with fused glass. She also has fun creating pieces with mid-century modern (“retro”) motifs and colors…after all, she is a mid-century creation herself! Plates and platters pop with Carol’s bold color choices. A semi-retired marine biologist, you can often see the influence of the sea in the many blues and greens used in her work.

Some of the most popular items at Mountain Moon Glass are the slumped Ball mason jars, which become excellent spoon rests, soap dishes, dessert plates and appetizer/cheese ball platters. Along with the clear jars, Ball is celebrating their 100th anniversary with a series of historically-correct colored glass jars, so blue, green and purple flattened pint and quart jars are a fun addition to the studio and an excellent option for very unique and inexpensive gifts. An always-changing variety of melted bottles are also available that includes some very unique and interesting items.